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How to Create Ultimate User Profile with WordPress ULike?

How to Create Ultimate User Profile with WordPress ULike?

Now that you have equipped your website using WP ULike plugin, you probably want people to stick around and use it right? Well, if you want to keep people on your website or just have a panel that displays user information as well, especially if it is a social platform, then you have got to allow them to easily create user profile pages.

So WordPress ULike is here to make things easier. ‌With the new feature of the premium version, you will be able to create professional user-profiles and customize its content without the need for a single line of code.

In this article, We’re going to explore this topic and show you the wonderful new features of WP ULike Pro and what it can do for yourself and the visitors.

What is a Profile Builder?

A Profile Builder is a tool to create, manage, and display a User Profile on a website. This tool should be able to manage both the front-end and back-end of a Profile simultaneously. In addition to creating a useable form to insert data by user, Displaying data in a carefully designed template is also important.

There are many WordPress User Profile Plugin in the market but most of them have a cluttered UI and Messy configurations.  So we designed a unique WordPress profile builder and recalibrated the Profile Builder to work perfectly with our Statistic Tools and Voting System.

The best WordPress Profile Builder Plugin

The WP ULike profile builder is packed with tons of features and functionalities to boost your experience of profile management. Not only this but it also comes with functional hooks and easy development structure, and if you’re a developer, you can customize all the components to your liking. Here’s a look at some of the features:

Clean Front-End Profiles

With just a few simple clicks, your beautiful and lightweight user front-end profiles will be available, which includes customized user information. Also, after installing the plugin, a page will be created automatically that contains a shortcode showing the profile data. You can edit or change this page at any time.

Highly Customizable Configuration

All components of the settings panel are designed so that with just a few simple clicks and without the need for coding knowledge, you can create the changes you want and expand your panel.

Unlimited Custom Badges

We’ve created an advanced shortcode that displays user-specific information such as the number of likes, last activity, last status, and more. For this purpose, there is a panel in the profile settings where you can create infinitely different badges and display them in the user’s profile. But that’s not the end of the story, you can put your favorite HTML or shortcodes in this panel and make sure they work well.

WordPress Profile Builder Badges

Unlimited Custom Tabs

Create unlimited profile custom tabs with shortcodes or HTML codes, and control the created tabs title, icon, order, visibility. With a simple click you can also place the tabs side on the left or right of the content.

Profile builder dynamic tabs generator

Custom Appearance Settings

There are no restrictions in WP ULike Profile Builder! You can simply resize the columns according to your design and create your own custom style. The whole process will not take more than a few seconds. Isn’t that amazing? 🙂

Restrict access to profiles

We have prepared all modes that you may need as an option. One of the most useful is User Profile Access, where you can restrict access to profiles to logged-in users or some certain user roles. You can also specify a redirect URL if the user does not have access.

Upload Simple Local Avatars

Adds an avatar upload/edit field to user profiles in front-end and dashboard. Generates requested sizes on demand just like Gravatar! Simple and lightweight.

WordPress Upload Local Avatars

Easy WordPress login and registration forms

Not happy with the default WordPress login and registration pages? In WP ULike Pro, We provide you with more control and flexibility over your WordPress default forms. It redefines what a login and registration plugin be able to do with fast AJAX requests & easy made templates.

More Features? Ask Here

Current features have been added according to users’ basic needs, but for this panel, we will have several goals, including adding Member Directory, Front-End Account Controller, User Feedbacks, and perhaps even adding Follow/Unfollow possibility. Also, there is always room for improvement for us, and we will appreciate any suggestions and ideas to make the WP ULike better. Therefore, we will review all your suggestions and answer the questions in the comments section as soon as possible.

Make your website more attractive and user-friendly with WP ULike

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10 Responses

  1. Can you provide profile builder and statics panel free with this and need to know more about your pro package interested in buying lifetime for 3 sites.

  2. Hello there!

    I want to make a blog with user interaction. Whenever I upload a post, I want the users to like it or dislike it.
    Furthermore, I would like to know some things about the ULike plugin so I can proceed on the purchase of PRO version.
    1. Does it saves the votes to each user profile?
    2. Can the user manage the liked posts? Is the user been able to Login to his profile and check the posts that he interacted with?
    3. Does it have counter for post likes on the admin side?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. My theme already has sign up/login feature built in, can the profile builder be used via the accounts created from my theme which are generic word press users?

    1. Hi Chuck,

      Sure, there is no problem.
      We use the standard WordPress structure to receive user data and any registered user can access the profile.

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