Why WP ULike is the Best BuddyPress voting plugin?

Why WP ULike is the Best BuddyPress voting plugin

Why WP ULike is the Best BuddyPress voting plugin?

WP ULike is the Best BuddyPress voting plugin because of complete support for activities, comments, and comprehensive notification capabilities.

We say WP ULike is Best BuddyPress voting plugin and we are here to prove it! before investigating our claim, let’s talk about why BuddyPress is important.

After about two decades past from this century, communities play a big role in Digital Marketing. Creating, managing and promoting online communities can astonishingly help to grow your business. Although there are tones of applications and plugins which claim to manage communities for you, arguably BuddyPress is the best tool in WordPress for that purpose.

What does BuddyPress Do?

As we can read on their website, this is how they introduce themselves:

BuddyPress is a powerful community plugin for WordPress that takes your site beyond the blog. It includes all of the features you’ve come to expect from any online community, like user profiles, groups, activity streams, notifications, and more.

Some fantastic uses we’ve seen are:

  • A campus-wide social-network for your university, school or college
  • An internal communication tool for your company
  • Niche social-networks for very specific interest groups
  • Focused communities for products & services
  • Integrated with bbPress to enhance community forums

In fact, we can assume BuddyPress the specified form of social network for WordPress websites. Besides, it’s an open-source project too.

Best BuddyPress Voting Plugin

Several plugins claim to add voting functionality to a BuddyPress page but none give. In contrast, we give the highest functionality along the easiest installation.

First of all, we can add like and dislike button to any part of a site:

  • Activities
  • Comments
  • Post Types
  • Forums
  • WooCommerce
  • etc

You can choose from our gorgeous Templates. Also, you can modify their design with a custom CSS option as well.

Furthermore, you have an option to change the button position in either Content or Meta. On top of that, you can also manage the availability of buttons for users by logging methods. As a result, you can restrict the option to Only logged in users.

Finally, you have options for controlling Notifications in WP ULike Setting Panel for BuddyPress.

With activating User Notification, the plugin will Send out notifications when you get a like from someone from any type of content.

While enabling Activity Notification, WP ULike will sent a new notice to your activity list for each action. (Currently supports Posts & Comments)

BuddyPress settings

As you read above, we provide added value in comparison to similar products while offering so many more features such as:

That’s why we are The Best BuddyPress voting plugin and so much more.

We need Your help!

Despite our best efforts, there will be bugs or issues with the WP ULike Marketing Plugin. So, please report these problems via the Support Service.

On the other hand, there is always room for improvement for us and we will appreciate any suggestions and ideas to make our product better.

Make your website more attractive and user-friendly with WP ULike

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