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Best WordPress Ajax Login Registration Plugin 2022

Best WordPress Ajax Login Plugin

Best WordPress Ajax Login Registration Plugin 2022

Choosing the right WordPress Login and User Profile Builder Plugin is key. It could have a huge impact on your website’s performance. While Ultimate Member, BuddyPress, User Registration, and similar plugins are excellent, we wanted to create something much lighter and simpler to use.

That’s why a few months ago, we added a completely lightweight and extendible membership service to the WP ULike PRO plugin, which gave you endless possibilities.

Today we took a further step and added a new set of features to WordPress that provides you with an easy way to create front-end user login, registration, and reset password forms.

Easy WordPress login and registration Plugin

Not happy with the default WordPress login and registration pages? With the release of WP ULike Pro +V1.5.0, We provide you with more control and flexibility over your WordPress default forms.It redefines what a WordPress login and registration plugin be able to do with fast AJAX requests & easy-made templates.

A quick overview of features

  • Simple, Clean, and Modern WordPress forms.
  • Exclusive shortcodes for Login, Signup and Reset Password.
  • Increase security for user accounts by using 2-factor authentication steps.
  • Developer friendly with dozens of actions and filters
  • Redirect default wp login page to your own custom login page.
  • Accessibility-ready forms using floating labels.
  • Google ReCaptcha support. (v2 and v3)
  • Display notifications as Toast messages.
  • Full AJAX support on all requests.
  • Custom Email notifications.
  • Responsive mobile-friendly.
  • Custom redirect URL option for each form.

This is only part of the plugin’s current capabilities. Soon new features will be added, some of which are Social Login, Custom Template Forms, Customizer Settings and etc.

Powerful admin controllers and front-end views

In this new service, everything starts with just a few simple clicks. When you activate WP ULike Pro the plugin will install some default pages which are required for the plugin to work correctly.

These pages include shortcodes that are used to display profile pages, login, register, and reset password forms. You can edit these pages at any time and create your own custom paths.

WordPress ajax login plugin

In the next step, the settings panel automatically detects the installed pages and by referring to this section, you can configure more settings such as custom redirects, auto-login, reCaptcha, etc. Now the forms are simply ready to use.

WordPress Membership plugin

The forms are designed in such a way that by using material methods and minimal structures, the rules of aesthetics and user experience along with Accessibility are fully observed. Notifications are also displayed as Toast messages, and you can create custom templates for emails.

Form security option using reCAPTCHA V2/V3

reCAPTCHA is a free service from Google that helps protect websites from spam and abuse. This effective security solution helps to protect your forms from spam entries while letting real people pass through with ease. You have a choice between default v2 Checkbox and v3 (like invisible reCAPTCHA).

2-Factor authentication security layer

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a layer of security that requires both a password and an additional verification of the user’s identity. Our 2FA service uses a standard called TOTP (time-based one-time password provider). Any two-factor authentication app that supports TOTP can work with the WP ULike PRO authenticator.

Developer friendly with dozens of actions and filters

In the current version, to maintain more performance, we implemented a standard structure that meets the needs of most users. But for developers who want to create more advanced forms, we have a variety of hooks that can be used to customize all the processes in the plugin. For example, adding different forms with separate inputs, as well as using JavaScript triggers that have greatly expanded the development capability.

Time to start a new transformation

All of these are just a few of the features provided by WP ULike Pro. We at the TechnoWich team are working daily to further develop this service for Free and Premium users and make it a comprehensive tool in WordPress.
Therefore, in any situation, we welcome your suggestions to create better services. 🙂

Make your website more attractive and user-friendly with WP ULike

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5 Responses

  1. Hello,

    I would like to find out more info about the following:

    1.) Will the WP ULike Pro work together with a Buddypress installation? Or do I just have to install one? What happens if I run both ulike and buddypress?

    2.) I have Nextend Social Login PRO, can I use Nextend’s social login with ULike Pro? Like in the login/registration form of ULike Pro, can I insert the shortcode of Nextend there so that the social login/register will also appear? I know that you guys are planning on including a social login for ULike Pro, but I don’t know when that will happen so I want to get started on my own way now if it’s possible.

    3.) Will it be possible to add a “Bookmark this post” feature with ULike plugin? Kinda like CBX Bookmark plugin. If not, I have the pro version of CBX Bookmark, will the shortcode of that plugin work in ULike’s user profile when I make a dedicated tab for CBX?

    1. Hi Rich,

      1- The WP ULike plugin does not offer the same service as BuddyPress. We are actually an extension for BuddyPress to which we add features like a voting system, user profiles, login/register forms, etc.
      2- No, this feature does not exist now, but we will add our custom social login in the near future.
      3- You can use WP ULike as a bookmark service and display a list of user likes in the profile using a shortcode. Also, if you are using another service, if it has a shortcode that supports the get_current_user_id function, you can display it in the profile.

  2. Hello, I do not quite understand the answer about Bookmark.

    Therefore, I want to clarify. If I buy the Pro version, can I make it so that both likes and bookmarks are displayed in my account at the same time? The post should also have one button for likes/dislikes, and the second for adding to bookmarks – can this be done?

    It should look like this – https://prnt.sc/1hi9gcy

      1. I am currently using a plugin Ultimate Member, but there are no likes/dislikes. And I like your plugin in design better.

        But I’m not only asking about creating a new tab.

        I ask if it is possible to make 2 buttons in one post – one for likes, and the other for bookmarks? So that in your personal account, in one tab, likes are displayed, and in the Bookmarkers tab, clicks on the second button are displayed?

        For example, the user will click “like” in every post, but the user will add to bookmarks only selected posts.

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