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WP ULike Professional Statistics Panel Guide

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WP ULike Professional Statistics Panel Guide

Previously, we talked about WP ULike Pro Statistics tools but never got into details. In this article, we will guide you through our comprehensive stats segment. so stay tuned!

WP ULike Pro Statistics Panel

You can find Statistics on your WordPress Dashboard > WP ULike Pro > Statistics. from there you will be guided to a new page full of tools to observe and generate for any Like and Dislike button applied to your contents.

At first glance, you will have your total engagements alongside today and yesterday’s votes to all of your content.

WP ULike Pro statistics in a glance

After that, you will have these tools for all supported formats:

  • Post Statistics
  • Comments Statistics
  • Activities Statistics
  • Topics Statistics
  • Allocation Statistics
  • Top Likers
  • Top Posts
  • Top Comments
  • Top Activities
  • Top Topics

meanwhile, the tool names are self-explanatory, writing this guide was to flex a little about the tools.

Statistics Charts

first of all, you have Post Statistics tool to surveil your users’ affiliation with your posts. You can select a date range and a status you want to see and the graph will be generated automatically in a second alongside the summary.

WP ULike Pro Post statistics

WP ULike Pro Post statistics - Date Range

You can see all logs by tapping the button.

WP ULike Pro Post statistics- Full Log

Honestly, the process couldn’t be any easier, Hence, we are always happy to help if anything didn’t work as it supposed to do. Just contact us.

Secondly, You will see Comments Statistics. The drill is the same here and you will have similar options to adjust date and status here too.

WP ULike Pro Comment Statistics- Status

WP ULike Pro Statistics Tools are directly connected to WP ULike Pro Elementor widgets as you guessed up to here.

After Comment Stats you will find Activities section. Options and instructions are the same here. As easy as they are handy. (This stats section is for BuddyPress activities)

WP ULike Pro Statistics Tools - Activities Statistics

The next one is going to be Topics Statistics with similar options for justifications. You can change Date Range and status in the graph and also you can generate a full log report by one click. (This stats section is for bbPress topics)

WP ULike Pro Statistics Tools - Topics Statistics

Next step would be the Allocation Statistics. You can easily supervise which type of your content has the most engagement with users and how do your users react to different parts of your website.

WP ULike Pro Statistics Tools - Allocation Statistics

Top Lists

In this segment, WP ULike Pro shows your Top (most liked) Posts, Comments, Activities & Topics. Also, you can adjust the time period and see the results in an instance.

In addition to the number of likes for top content, you can see your most liked content in an informative table under that with various information.

You can see Top Posts:

WP ULike Pro Statistics Tools - Top Posts

Top Topics:

WP ULike Pro Statistics Tools - Top Topics

Users with most engagements:

WP ULike Pro Statistics Tools - Top Likers

Or even Top Activities:

WP ULike Pro Statistics Tools - Top Activities

We tried to design WP ULike Pro Statistics Tools straight forward and easy to use while informative and handy

We need Your help!

Despite our best efforts, there will be bugs or issues with WP ULike Pro Statistics. so, please report these problems via Support Service.

On the other hand, there is always room for improvement for us and we will appreciate any suggestions and ideas to make our product better.

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6 Responses

  1. Good afternoon!
    Can I display a list of posts with the highest rating in your plugin?
    I need this for the main page of the site.
    I didn’t find how to configure shortcodes.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve played around with the basic version of the plugin and looks like it’s something that I’m looking for.

    I have a few questions though regarding the PRO version. For this project I need to specifically be able to do these things:
    – Detailed statistics – some detailed information about each vote (mostly in context of determining if there aren’t any “cheats” or tries to manipulate the score) – from what I’ve seen there is a robust statistics panel
    – Ability to manually remove suspicious votes
    – or the ability to manually modify number of likes on a given post (we might have the need to initially boost the numbers to attract users).

    1. Hi Michael,

      1- In the following article, we have explained the current options in the statistics panel. Currently the premium stats add filters such as daterange, select status, etc.

      2- In the log manager panel, you can search for items and delete the logs you want. (Of course, due to the metadata structure for likes counter, you have to refresh the metadata once in the metabox panel.)

      3- Yes, we have put an option for this in the metabox panel.

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