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Introducing New WP ULike Option Panel & MetaBox

Introducing New WP ULike Option Panel & MetaBox

In our latest effort to polish the WP ULike Marketing Plugin, we added some desired features, fixed some bugs and revamped Settings Panel design. All of these endeavors led to releasing WP ULike January update. We are going to take a look at WP ULike Option Panel and Metabox. Let’s dive into details!

WP ULike January Update Changelog

Let’s give you a list first, we will talk about details later. We ADDED:

  • Brand new professional configuration panel.
  • Better controller to filter post types.
  • For designers: More flexible button text/image option for each content type.
  • Backward compatibility: Simple tool to convert old settings values to new settings values.
  • MetaBox panel with amazing controllers. [PRO]
  • Easy “Backup” section in the settings panel. [PRO]
  • Bonus feature: New custom Reviews for all schema types. [PRO]
  • A new Schema Type: MusicPlaylist. [PRO]
  • And also added MusicPlaylist type in the schema list. [PRO]

As you can see, we never forget our commitment to free users.

Options Panel, Easier than Ever

Finding features in Setting Menus and adjusting items can be a painful task.  To ease that pain, we completely revamped WP ULike Settings Panel. In the new design, you will find a more straightforward process for modifying the Plugin.

For start, We relocated the tabs to left from previous on top position to give you better access and reachability.

All Content Types are now gathered in a single menu which can be handled with ease. You can read all about this panel in WP ULike Pro Setting 

Updated Setting Panel in January Update

Meta Box, the Most Customization Tools

WP ULike Metabox on every page now has two sections: General & Schema Generator.

In the General section, you can manage Like and Dislike buttons template, positioning, and their primary count.

Metabox Like button

After enabling the button you will have these options:

Metabox Like button Active

We now support 14 schema markup, which can be managed in Metabox of every page. You can learn more about WP ULike Rich Snippet Generator.

Updated WP ULike Pro Metabox in January Update

Backup, Restore and Integrate

The latest feature added to the smoothest Marketing plugin in the WordPress world is Integration. Now, you can easily recover your old settings to updated WP ULike version.

with this feature, you feel just like home and you won’t have to go through all set values from scratch.

Meanwhile, in the Integration section, you can easily make a connection between WP ULike and other third-party apps.

We need Your help!

Despite our best efforts, there will be bugs or issues with the WP ULike  Marketing Plugin. So, please report these problems via the Support Service.

On the other hand, there is always room for improvement for us and we will appreciate any suggestions and ideas to make our product better.

Make your website more attractive and user-friendly with WP ULike

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