Start Configure WP ULike Plugin in a Few Steps

WP ULike Pro Setting

Start Configure WP ULike Plugin in a Few Steps

Until now, we thoroughly talked about WP ULike Pro Voting and SEO capabilities. In this article, we will talk about WP ULike Pro Setting Panel and how to customize it.

WP ULike Pro has evolved from a comprehensive voting plugin to a very capable Marketing plugin for WordPress websites. But that’s another story for another day. Let’s dive into our feature-rich setting panel.

WP ULike Professional Settings Panel

Currently, our panel consists of 5 tabs:

  • Configuration
    • General
    • Content Types
      • Posts
      • Comments
      • BuddyPress
      • bbPress
    • Integration
  • Translations
  • Customization
  • Backup
  • License

Tab names are self-explanatory, but we will dig a little dipper in each section.


Under the configuration tab, you will see 3 menus:

  • General
  • Content Types
  • Integration

You can handle almost anything you need in this section.


The First Step is General options. In this tab, you will have access to change the Button Type, Icon, and so on.

WP ULike Pro Settings : General


The format number can change between raw numbers and Kilo format. (2000 likes = 2k likes). Just click on Enable convertor Button.

Another useful option in this section is a customized personal message for vote notifications. Easily turn on notifications with one click.

Because of European Nations’ highly restricted rules for gathering information from users, IP addresses can be anonymized to avoid GDPR compliance.

We know admin notices can be intruding, so with one click, you can disable all of them.

You can also disable Plugin Files for any of your site fundamental sections e.g home, categories, pages, etc. By checking any of these boxes, plugin’s CSS and JS files will be removed from that page.

Also, you can control who has access to the Stats Menu and Logs menu by filtering the user roles.

We saved the best for last. You can activate Meta Box Display in post and pages. This feature will give you access to our rich snippets generator and schema markup modifier.

Schema Markup creates reach and detailed snippets which Google can show to users

Content Types

Under this menu, you will have access to modifications for 4 types of content we usually have in a WordPress based page:

  • Posts
  • Comments
  • BuddyPress
  • bbPress

We will explain the options in Post Menu, others are pretty much similar. These four sections of Setting Panels are really easy to use and straightforward.

WP ULike Pro Settings : Content Types > Posts

You can pick a generic template for similar sections. Meanwhile, you can change the template in any individual.

The “Automatic Display” options come handy if you have multiple pages and you want to add the voting feature to all of them at once. Add Like and Dislike button to top, bottom or both side of content with one click. in Automatic Display, you can filter which sections of your website won’t get the buttons:

  • Home
  • Singular
  • Archives
  • Categories
  • Search Results
  • Tags
  • Author Pages

One of our long asked options was to add a feature to restrict voters to only registered members. You can choose which types of log you want to record from the Logging Method.

Another cool feature here is the ability to display Likers avatar in Likers box. you can manage the size of Gravatars and the number of Likers to show in Liker’s box.

And last but not least is the Custom HTML Template.

The other content types are pretty similar, you can see these options in a quick video below:


In this section, you can integrate and restore previous settings and information from older WP ULike versions and third-party apps to the current version.

WP ULike Pro Settings : Content Types > integrations


Change Liked Notice Message, Unliked Notice Message, Dislike Notice Message, Undislike Notice Message notification text.

WP ULike Pro Settings : translations


The next stop in WP ULike Pro Setting Panel is the Customize section. If you are not satisfied with pre-designed templates, you can add custom CSS and spinner code here easily.

WP ULike Pro Settings : customization


We added a backup menu to easily import and export your current or previous personalized settings.

WP ULike Pro Settings : backup


Lastly, you can find the activation status in this section and activate your Pro version with your purchased key here. We published a complete guide to activation which you can find here: WP Ulike Pro Activation Guide

WP ULike Pro Settings : license

We need Your help!

Despite our best efforts, there will be bugs or issues with the WP ULike Pro Setting Panel. So, please report these problems via the Support Service.

On the other hand, there is always room for improvement for us and we will appreciate any suggestions and ideas to make our product better.

Make your website more attractive and user-friendly with WP ULike

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