Customizing WP ULike Templates and Layouts

Customizing WP ULike Templates and Layouts

The most beneficial function of WordPress is the ability for customizing its appearance and functionality. So, its service that is prepared for this purpose is Customizer that provides a user-friendly platform for users to change what they want. WP ULike plugin has supplied this service for you. In this article, we describe to you completely this service of WordPress and how you can use it in our plugin.

What is WordPress Customizer?

As WordPress defined, Customizer is “is where you will go to take your site’s Theme to the next level.” For example, when you select your desirable theme, there are essential tools like your brand colors and logo. Moreover, you can change some features from the WordPress admin. While it is not necessary to have coding knowledge you can customize the background image and select your suitable fonts, font sizes, and colors among preloaded options.

Why Customizer Has Been Added to WordPress?

WordPress made a concerted effort to provide an easily navigated platform for users. So, it helps you to customize some features, including changing your site title and tagline, adding widgets to a sidebar or footer, creating menus, changing your homepage settings, and more.

WP ULike Customizing Sections

It is apparent that you have levels of accessibility to use default themes and their customizer options, you can use additional options via WP ULike. However, our pro version has more options for you.

For using these features beneficially, we describe them in the following information.

How to access the WordPress customizer?

  1. Go to Appearance
  2. Select Customize
  3. Click on “WP ULike” menu
How to access the WordPress customizer?

Common WP ULike Customizer Options

You have three options which are common between our free and pro version. 

Common WP ULike Customizer Options

Button template

 In this section, you can customize the template wrapper, counter, and button styles. While you do not need complicated coding knowledge. For example, you can customize counter to reshape text color, background or borders of chosen buttons with a simple few clicks.

Toast messages 

In this part of the customizer, you can change the typography of the toast (popup) notifications on your website. The same as button template you have accessibility to customize some options such as image icon and dimensions.

Likers box

Here shows you different options to customize the box of likers list. So, you can decide about the background, border, and arrow colors.

WP ULike Pro Customizer Options

Our PRO users have access to more features in the Customizer panel, and in addition to the Import/Export feature, they can customize other sections such as profile template, login and signup forms, share buttons, etc.

Profile Template

Customizing profile template helps you to change different sections of the profile such as header, badges and tabs. Common fields in this part include typography, borders, paddings, and etc.

Login and Signup Forms

The settings in this section work for login, register, reset password and edit account forms and provide you with various capabilities, and you can easily edit the forms to your liking.

Share buttons

This section is also related to the customization of Share Buttons, and you can easily change the color scheme, dimensions, typography and different parts of it with a few simple clicks.


Simply export the customizer settings and import it anywhere with just one click.

Final thoughts

There are a large number of possibilities in this plugin and customizing features help you to make your website more user-friendly for users. Perhaps you think changing various features needs deep development knowledge. It is better to know that WP ULike was prepared for you to make best use of WordPress facilities without needing coding knowledge. 

Make your website more attractive and user-friendly with WP ULike

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