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Add Medium clapping button to your WordPress Blog

Add Medium clapping button to your WordPress Blog

WP ULike wants to provide you with the most complete tools to make the perfect voting buttons for every situation. That’s why we added the famous Medium clapping button on our templates list to make a smoother user-experience on your own blog!

Why a clapping button?

What makes clapping feature special is that it isn’t a one-time thing. If you really like a post, you can click on a clap button as many time as you want and the counter will keep on increasing.

Applying a behavior to a button facilitates the interaction between your user and the button itself by returning feedback that allows the user a greater understanding of the effectiveness of its action.

Clap buttons give a better user-experience and they are perfect for blogs in which the more feedback you can get, the merrier and that’s one the reasons Medium chose a different behavior for their buttons.

WP ULike PRO is the best tool to add Medium clapping buttons to any WordPress blog with minimal effort!

medium clapping for wordpress

Medium clap buttons with WP ULike

WP ULike PRO took inspiration from Medium to create buttons that would behave exactly like the Medium clap buttons.

You can enable Medium clap template in WP Admin > Ulike PRO > Configuration > Content Types:

wp ulike clapping template

Also, in order for users to click on the clapping button as many times as desired, change the Logging Method option to “No Limit” and set your favorite limit number.

wp ulike logging method

Clap, like and like/dislike!

We added a clap button behavior to the classic buttons list, the like and like/dislike buttons, and added a template to make it look exactly like the actual Medium clap button, but we did the same with other button types.

If you are curious to see how the other buttons behave and look you can check them out:

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