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WP ULike Premium Elementor Widgets Guide

WP ULike Pro Elementor Widgets

WP ULike Premium Elementor Widgets Guide

One of our most demanded features from our beloved users was to make WP ULike Pro compatible with Elementor and design widgets to make the implying Like button process easier. So we tried our best to develop not only 1, but 7 beautiful and functional WP ULike widgets to answer all your needs.

We hinted about WP ULike Pro being compatible with popular Elementor Page Builder and we will show you how easy it’s gonna be to use them in your page. stay tuned.

Introducing WP ULike Widgets for Elementor

Ultimate Elementor Widgets Pack

We developed 7 different widgets for you, each one with a special purpose. WP ULike widgets are customizable within the Elementor and easy to use by drag and drop.

our carefully designed widgets are:

  • Posts Button
  • Like/Dislike Counter
  • Top posts
  • Top comments
  • Top Activities
  • Top Topics
  • Best Likers

Although titles are self-explanatory, but we tried to cover every widget and its features in a series of videos and text guide.

if you need any question you can always contact us via Support Service on the website and use online chat for getting help with your issues.

without further ado let’s dive into WP ULike widgets.

Post Button Widget

First of all, we will talk about what you came for in the first place: LIKE Button!

As the name recommends it’s the widget we designed for adding Like and Dislike button to your posts and other contents. This widget includes all our beautiful Templates for customizing Like and Dislike buttons as you are writing your posts or building your page.

Here is quick tutorial to adjusting post buttons in Elementor:

Like/Dislike Counter Widget

After you got votes for content, you need to show the users that their opinion matters. As a result, we designed this widget to simply show the love magnitude for your content. simple and neat.

Top Posts Widget

WP ULike Pro has a carefully coded database which gives the plugin unique features such as statistics tool and more. We designed a widget to show your top liked posts brilliantly.

We love this one because it really is amazing and you can adjust every part of it from Queries and source of data to any aspect of how it shows your desired data.

Also, working with Top Posts widgets is very simple too, no coding is needed to change the queries from the database.

Top comments Widget

You can show your top comments from posts, portfolios, samples or any content type of your website with active comment ability.

The widget is also completely customizable while it is easy to navigate.

Top Likers Widget

Another feature that can be exciting for many users is to see who is more active in the community. As a result, we designed a tiny but neat widget to show the most active users and top likers. Who doesn’t like a little competition?

Top Activities Widget

Hence many sites use BuddyPress activities in their structure for engaging users with content, therefore, we designed a special widget to show Top activities.

Top Topics Widget

Sometimes websites have active forums designed by bbPress. Expert and noob users come to forums to see and read the best topic with most likes and because of that, you need a tool to show your best work. We got you covered here too! With our elementor Top Topics widget, you can handle this issue with ease while having tones of options to customize the widget.

We need Your help!

Despite our best efforts, there will be bugs or issues with WP ULike widgets for Elementor. so, please report these problems via Support Service.

On the other hand, there is always room for improvement for us and we will appreciate any suggestions and ideas to make our product better.

Make your website more attractive and user-friendly with WP ULike

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