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Five Reasons to AVOID Using WP ULike Nulled Plugin

WP ULike Nulled

Five Reasons to AVOID Using WP ULike Nulled Plugin

No matter if you are rich or not, People always attracted to discounts and free stuff. In the WordPress world, Nulled Plugins are examples of this desire. Not necessarily they are illegal but there are many reasons why we should avoid Nulled Themes and Plugins such as WP ULike Pro nulled. In this article, we will give you 5 solid reasons to persuade you to buy what you need.

What is a Nulled WordPress Plugin?

Before we go further, let’s establish what exactly we are talking about. There are various definitions around the web when it comes to the term nulled. As we define nulled it refers to premium WordPress plugins or themes that have been hacked or contain modified code designed to cause harm or collect information. These are obtained from a third-party website (not the original author or creator) and sometimes are made to work without a license key.

There are other definitions out there for sure, but our emphasis is on hacked or contain modified code and without a license key. With that said, we first answer the elephant question in the room:

Are Nulled Plugins illegal?

Nulled WordPress Plugins and Themes Aren’t Necessarily Illegal. It’s unlikely that the FBI kicks down your door if you use nulled WordPress plugins or themes. That’s because, in contrast to the other content that people usually “pirate” (e.g. music, movies), nulled WordPress plugins and themes are often not breaking the law.

The reason here has to do with the GPL (General Public License). Without making this a lesson on copyright, you just need to know that part of what the GPL license allows for is that anyone can freely distribute GPL-licensed software (yes – even premium GPL-licensed software).

Nulled Plugin may works because of GPL

So if a nulled plugin site puts a piece of GPL-licensed software up for download, they’re not technically breaking the law because they have the right to freely distribute that GPL code.

The GPL is a big part of WordPress, and most (but not necessarily all) WordPress plugins and themes use GPL. This is, in part, because themes and plugins must be GPL-compliant in order to be listed in the directory.

While premium plugins aren’t required to have a GPL license, many also have a freemium version on the WordPress repository, which then does a require GPL license. Or they choose to have a GPL license. Many premium plugins such as WP Rocket and Gravity Forms are GPL-licensed.

Friendly Advice: Don’t Use Nulled Extensions on Production Sites

On the surface, it might seem like a great deal to get a premium plugin or theme for free. But in our opinion, it’s just not worth it. Even if you find a source for legal, clean GPL plugins and themes, you’re still going to waste extra time because:

  • You’ve to configure and fix everything by yourself since you don’t get access to support.
  • You’ve to constantly check for new releases and manually update yourself.

Time is money, and nulled plugins and themes will take you more time to use.

Beyond that, you’re just plain depriving developers of the rewards for the hard work they’ve already put in, as well as money to keep improving their products going forward. Even if you have no problem with the ethical implications there, you’d lose out if everyone used nulled extensions because developers would have no incentive to improve.

So – think twice before installing a nulled plugin or theme. Especially if your building or working on other people’s WordPress sites. Don’t put your client in a bind later down the road.

Why You Should NOT Use WP ULike Pro Nulled?

  1. You Don’t Know What Else Is in the Code, It could contain malware.
  2. You won’t receive updates for the software
  3. Developers Need Money To Continue Improving Their Products and It discourages further innovation
  4. You won’t get any support from the developer
  5. Seo problems

We will explain each in later lines

Code Problems

First and foremost, the main reason to dodge nulled plugins is they usually won’t work properly and more than often leave you vulnerable to data theft and malware.

When you download WP ULike Plugin from a source other than Our Purchase Page (or free version from a trusted repository like WordPress or our Github), you don’t know what else is lurking in the code.

Malicious actors like to use nulled plugins or themes to insert their own nasty payloads, like injected links for SEO, or even more sinister actions.

Nulled Plugin may contain malware

No Update for The Wicked

Our team constantly tries to add new features and improvements to WP ULike Marketing Plugin, while fixing issues and bugs. But we can’t update WP ULike Pro nulled and your plugin might not work or miss out on new features after a while.

No Support for Nulled Plugin

In addition to a full support system for our paid users, we try to answer our free users’ questions and problems. we can’t guarantee the same service for a nulled plugin or third-party installs.

Costs and Bills

Honestly, this was the last thing we try to do here but developing the Best Voting Plugin for WordPress and continuously polishing the plugin and adding new features costs a lot. Your Purchases and Donations help us to give life to our imagination and keep innovations alive. So we sincerely ask you to keep Nulled Plugin and themes at arm’s length.

SEO Problems

As you know, we have a specific section to help you improve the SEO aspects of your websites. WP ULike Schema Markup Generator is a powerful tool at your disposal to enhance the SEO of any pages such as books, movies, products, events, Local Businesses and etc.

WP ULike Pro nulled plugins won’t support this feature and they may generate a wrong schema that is either useless or harmful to your page authority.

Boost Your SEO by Using WP ULike Professional Schema Generator

We need Your help!

Despite our best efforts, there will be bugs or issues with the WP ULike Pro Plugin. So, please report these problems via the Support Service.

On the other hand, there is always room for improvement for us and we will appreciate any suggestions and ideas to make our product better.

Make your website more attractive and user-friendly with WP ULike

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