Five Reasons to AVOID Using WP ULike Nulled Plugin

WP ULike Nulled

Five Reasons to AVOID Using WP ULike Nulled Plugin

You’ve cut your costs. Such a wow! But even if come hell or high water? That’s a problem definitely. We aren’t gathered here to make problems by trusting to null plugins, but to solve them by developing the paid ones together.

In 2020 there is some developers who use nulled plugins yet and this is our Prophecy to inform them why it is not a good idea?

What is a Nulled WordPress Plugin?

Typically we use “nulled” phrase in contrast to any legal version of the product we wish to use. This is the same when it comes to talk about wordpress plugins and themes. All pirated versions of any wordpress plugin can be categorized as null version and they are been copied immorally from the origin one.

We all know that wordpress is an open source CRM and there is every day hundreds of people who work on developing the wordpress plugins by add and change their code lines. So why does we have any nulled vs paid concept in this issue?

The premium plugins are licensed to use only on a certain website. The saboteurs manipulate the original versions to make them adopted to any other website often by no cost any very less cost for the user. The manipulated version which has lots of limitation in comparison to premium version is known as nulled plugin.

Why You Should NOT Use WP ULike Pro Nulled?

  1. You Don’t Know What Else Is in the Code, It could contain malware.
  2. You won’t receive updates for the software
  3. Developers Need Money To Continue Improving Their Products and It discourages further innovation
  4. You won’t get any support from the developer
  5. Seo problems

We will explain each in later lines

Nulled plugins potentially contain malwares!

Using a nulled plugin or a paid is resemblance to being a cardboard sleeper or living in a secure flat. Yes it is such a unfortunate but an awful truth. Nulled plugins are easily accessible for hackers and are potentially the malwares host and even distributer.

As the nulls doesn’t contain the origin codes, they are highly in risk of unsafe codes and viruses which activate as soon as you run the plugin and rapidly move in to your website and your data may be lost subsequently.

Detection and solving the problems are hard and time consuming process which may be even impossible. Even sometimes the malwares moving rate is more high enough to make any solution un-useful.

Your data is as important as your properties and when you use the null versions you give the permission to hackers to access your important data. Exactly similar to a cardboard sleeper! You may think that OK! I have a strong back-up and I’m not concerned about losing my data, it is your choice but did you know sometimes these malwares can make your website to get no-index from google and other search engines?

We talk about these problem in 5th reason more.

Nulled Plugin may contain malware

You will Miss the Updates

Mulled plugins are derelict children who nobody don’t accept their development. Original plugins are under the research and development every day to be fixed for their bugs and get improved features. As the technologies and qualification criteria are enhanced rapidly, you are compelled to adopt your website with these improvements and make the bugs fixed. If not, you are convicted to failure because your website can not work anymore.

Sometimes you may access the manual updates without the APIs or license keys, but it is a cumbersome and troublesome process. You should pass several steps instead on one-click to access the latest version just if it would be successful.

The mentioned problem is your lucky situation. Just imagine the time you hadn’t been informed about new update. It can happen very often because when you hadn’t bought the product you aren’t deserved to get notification legally. If you pass lots of time un-updated it can put your website exposed to several attacks.

You’ll be Deprived from Developer’s Support

From the time you run your new plugin you are in the path of needing supports from the people who wrote the codes and created the plugin. Just like a new devise that you cannot work properly with it in the absence of any user support or even tutorials.

It is undeniable that you may meet kinds of problems during using each of the plugins, it could be an initialization matter or performing one. No matter what is your question, there is always people to answer you in premium plugins support team.

They also make several documentations for you to help you learning the plugin features by yourself and solve yourself problems any time you want. Looks well-off enough! No?

You will be the killer of any novation

Imagine yourself while had passed lots of time and energy, designed a unique website with a fabulous front-end but someone had stolen your codes and sell it to others just by some very few changes. Are you enthusiastic to design another website anymore?

You definitely will be angry by seeing your website is copying more and more without naming you as the creator. Although your website may be so simple but you had consumed your time, knowledge and energy on it and it is as important as your belonged child. What will happen next? You will copy some other product and this chain won’t be torn until the creators fill safe from pirated versions of their product which can be a plugin or a software or anything else.

The disaster will happen when we do not have any new and improved plugin because there were no creativity to produce a useful one. In fact immoral and illegal usage of the developer’s products, has killed their tendency to improve their knowledge and work harder for making a better and more unique plugin. It is easy to understand that every human need kinds of inducement to continue working and feeling appreciate is the most vital kind of motivation.

So please help to make every developer rights prominent by do not using the nulled plugins.

Hard Work SEO, No Rank in Google!

No SERP link is not an act of God! It’s all your blame but where you had the faults? Probably you don’t know and it is normal. Due to your hard work on on-page and off-page SEO tries, you expect google #1 in your subject, but maybe you hadn’t notices some little but important fault because it was out of your eyes range.

Many pirated plugins contains spam links which redirect your site to other targeted website and in another word, they are used to grab your audiences and visitors.

These spam links are not as obvious to be found out by you easily. They are often hidden and in deeper layers of your website which you even don’t think of them. This is not just about unwanted redirection but also google and other search engines will find the spam links by crawling your site very soon and de-index your site.

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