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The Only WordPress Marketing Toolkit You Will Ever Need (2021)

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The Only WordPress Marketing Toolkit You Will Ever Need (2021)

What is the indicator of a web-page success? How can you know if your marketing strategy works? Can we improve the website Marketing goals achievements with WordPress Marketing ToolKit ? These are some of the many questions any website owner asks from themselves. In this article, we will discuss why we need a powerful and easy Marketing Plugin to help progress in the strategy.

Most Important Index of a Website Success

Nearly 30% of content on websites around the world are produced with WordPress Content Manager Service. Why? because WordPress is easy to use, has a vast majority of plugins and themes, and also it is very SEO friendly.
Whether you are a small business, big corporation, news agency, or a personal blog boosting your website visitors consider a success for your website. But Traffic is not the only index, user engagement with content, expressing their opinion, and enjoying your website are some of the more complicated measures of your success. To summon up we think these KPIs are the way to a Website success.

  • Organic Traffic
  • User engagement with Content
  • Time On Page
  • SERP Rank

Most of you know, SEO is the key to this Marketing KPIs, and WP ULike Pro has many tools to help to achieve these goals.

Why WP ULike is The Best WordPress Marketing ToolKit?

WP ULike Pro Plugin can boost your on-page SEO, help you find out your best content, and show you the roadmap to higher Traffic, More Time On-Page and help you analyze your website fast and easy.

How does WP ULike Marketing ToolKit Help with SEO?

Schema markup, also known as structured data, is the language of search engines, using a unique semantic vocabulary. It is code used to more clearly provide information to search engines in order to understand your content. And no digital marketing toolkit is complete without a powerful Rich Snippet Generator.

With organic real estate continuing to shrink, schema markup offers a powerful strategy to improve SERP click-through rates and increase visibility for your brand.

Using schema markup on your website can also help boost your local SEO presence on Google My Business, as well as improve your website’s ranking.

And now WP ULike generates rich snippets for webpages with few clicks, with tones of options and fields to introduce your content more vividly.

In most cases, these rich snippets come even before the first link. Here is the list of Schema Markup types for review snippets which Google recognizes & supported by WP ULike Pro Marketing ToolKit :

Google also supports reviews for the following schema.org types and so are we:

How does WP ULike Help with User Engagement?

The big question is how can a webmaster encourage users to engage with content? There are many approaches to this goal but we are offering a comprehensive solution.

First, you have to help users to choose an identity for their own. WP ULike has a handy Profile Builder with all bells and whistles. The WP ULike profile builder is packed with tons of features and functionalities to boost your experience of profile management. Not only this but it also comes with functional hooks and easy development structure, and if you’re a developer, you can customize all the components to your liking. to name a few of its options:

  • Clean Front-End Profiles
  • Highly Customizable Configuration
  • Unlimited Custom Badges
  • Unlimited Custom Tabs

The good news doesn’t end here. In addition to the already feature-rich Marketing tool, we implemented a method to use WP ULike Pro Voting plugin data as a hook for crediting users and authors on myCred reward system.

Gamify Your Website with WP ULike

To engage your users more with posts and articles, Gamification is a smart solution. After the release of the WP ULike Pro, the GamiPress team saw the value of this powerful voting plugin. as a result, they developed GamiPress – WP ULike integration for better data transition between these two plugins.

? Click on the link below to read about WP ULike Integration With GamiPress Award System

Transitional Events from WP ULike to Gamipress

Therefore, this extension to the main plugin gives you control to many stats from WP ULike Pro events:

  • Event log from Like anything: When a user likes anything.
  • Another Event is Like a post: When a user likes a post.
  • and Like a comment: When a user likes a comment.
  • Event log from Get a Like anywhere: When an author gets a Like anywhere.
  • Another Event is Get a Like on a post: When an author gets a like on a post.
  • and Get a Like on a comment: When an author gets a Like on a comment.
  • You can count Unlike anything: When a user unlikes anything.
  • And Log Unlike a post: When a user unlikes a post.
  • also Log Unlike a comment: When a user unlikes a comment.
  • You can count Get an unlike anywhere: When an author gets an unlike anywhere.
  • And Log Get an unlike on a post: When an author gets an unlike on a post.
  • also, Log Get an unlike on a comment: When an author gets an unlike on a comment.

Also, you can get events from WP ULike BuddyPress and BBPress integration:

  • Like an activity: When a user likes an activity.
  • Get a Like on an activity: When an author gets a Like on an activity.
  • Unlike an activity: When a user unlikes an activity.
  • Get an unlike on an activity: When an author gets an unlike on an activity.
  • Like an activity: When a user likes an activity.
  • Get a Like on an activity: When an author gets a Like on an activity.
  • Unlike an activity: When a user unlikes an activity.
  • Get an unlike on an activity: When an author gets an unlike on an activity.

In the end, the site owner can use this event as a point measuring tool to use in GamiPress.

Like Buttons are just Awesome

With the growth of social media, expressing emotions are now more important than ever for users. WordPress pages lacked this feature in the past, but those sad days are over. WP ULike Pro gives you Like and Dislike buttons with beautiful and modern design and many options to customize them.

WP ULike Pro is the best WordPress plugin to add Like or Dislike button to your content with rating 4.9/5 on WordPress repository. With 20+ Templates, Elementor Page Builder Compatibility, and Powerful Statistics Tool you won’t need any other plugin.

? Click on the link below to read more: How To Get More Likes On Your WordPress Blog

Professional Elementor Widgets

Widgets are the best feature of the Elementor Page Builder. We have 7 useful and carefully designed widgets in our PRO version of the WP ULike Plugin. While they are easy to use, adding them wisely to your content can help with entertaining your audience. 

WP ULike widgets are customizable within the Elementor and easy to use by drag and drop. Our carefully designed widgets are:

  • Posts Button
  • Like/Dislike Counter
  • Top posts
  • Top comments
  • Top Activities
  • Top Topics
  • Best Likers

WP ULike Pro Statistic Tools is Ice on the Cake

All of these options are meaningless without a measuring tool. For that purpose, we developed a comprehensive Statistic Tools within our Plugin. You can easily export charts, tables, and data according to your Marketing goals.

WP ULike Pro Statistics Panel

You can find Statistics on your WordPress Dashboard > WP ULike Pro > Statistics. from there you will be guided to a new page full of tools to observe and generate for any Like and Dislike button applied to your contents.

At first glance, you will have your total engagements alongside today and yesterday’s votes to all of your content.

After that, you will have these tools for all supported formats:

  • Post Statistics
  • Comments Statistics
  • Top Likers
  • Top Posts
  • Activities Statistics
  • Topics Statistics
  • Allocation Statistics
  • Top Comments
  • Top Activities
  • Top Topics

Log Reports

Having some votes for your content without a tool for measuring the results is meaningless in a digital marketing toolkit, isn’t it? for that reason, we gave you full access to your log data. Instead of puzzling with database confusing data extraction, you can use powerful and user-friendly log reports within the Statistics Panel.

Also, we added search functionality to log reports in WP ULike Pro. You can generate a complete log report for each content type including these columns:

  • ID
  • Username
  • Post, Comment, Forum, Activity ID/ Title
  • Status (Like/Dislike/UnLike/UnDislike)
  • Date/Time
  • IP
  • Comment/Forum Author
  • Activity/Comment Content
  • etc

Summoning Up

In the near future, we will add more features to enhance our digital marketing toolkit. For starter, an Email Marketing Section will be added to the kit very soon. So Stay Tuned.

We tried to grow up and expand our features to become a competitive WordPress Marketing ToolKit. There is room for improvements and new features and we are happy to hear from you and your ideas. Feel free to express your ideas in the comment section or send us emails.

Make your website more attractive and user-friendly with WP ULike

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